PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air)

Cavotec manufacture Sub freeze PCA systems and are the only manufacturer in the world to have in use working sub freeze PCA system and control systems. 

Cavotec is the only supplier to offer PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air) systems capable of cooling all types of aircraft, including Code-F A380 super-jumbos. 

Our range of products can either be designed with a Point-of-Use (Direct Expansion DX), or a centralised system with a hybrid PCA unit (DX Boost), or Chilled water / Ethylene Glycol water PCA or Compressed Air PCA. Our PCA units can either be fixed or mobile, groundor PBB-mounted, and rated for either 50 or 60Hz input power.

For more detailed technical information or to request a quotation on this product or system please contact info@cavotec.com